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Smoke Break [open]



"Oh, I see." Ivan nodded and put the lighter away. Strange though that she would still wander around with him. Surely the smoke from his cigarette would still aggravate her asthma. “So, yes, which way to the park, do you know?"

Li Mei shook her head, “I’m not familiar with this area. I’m sure if we just walk we might find it!” She hummed, going ahead with a slight bounce in her step, her eyes attempting to read the signs nearby. Making sense of the wording she pointed in a random direction, “This way!”

Well, even if they didn’t find the park, her enthusiasm was entertaining and he’d still have his smoke one way or the other. Nodding, Ivan followed along the sidewalk after her, contently puffing on the cigarette. He’d been told to quit before for his own health, but he just shrugged the thought off each time. Not only was his health of little concern to him anyway, Ivan just always assumed he wouldn’t have any lasting damage. It wasn’t like he was exactly susceptible to long-term illnesses.


[He just nods and lets her inside the house.]

blauekornblume: Hey, Ivan. Do you want to go out to dinner sometime?

[He’s still going to inherently distrust this proposition, given who it’s coming from.]

Uh… Would you mind perhaps telling me why?


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